How might we organize our people in ways that support the creation of a cohesive customer experience across all products?

Project Overview

  • Challenge: Use design thinking to help senior leadership of a Fortune 10 organization redesign a large, complex division to increase communication, performance, innovation, and quality outcomes.
  • Approach: Facilitated a series of workshops to identify existing competitive advantages and pain points, develop and prioritize design principles, brainstorm and evaluate structures, then iterate and combine ideas.
  • Outcome: Group alignment on two structures and a plan to quickly prototype them. Presented to senior leadership for evaluation and approval.
  • Value: Improved end-user experience by increasing internal clarity, productivity, collaboration, innovation, and individual employee agency.


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One of the best decisions that we made was to engage Lisa. The facilitation, insights, tools, and thought leadership that she brought to the table was invaluable, and allowed us to deliver a more robust and stronger strategy.